Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Best Domain Sales Flipping template

4:15 AM

Once you get a premium domain, the game is not yet over. The real game starts, when you have to market it. The first platform that you need is Domain Sales Template or Domain Flipping template, The Best Domain flipping template lets Interested users to send direct offers to your email address.

Buy 500 Whois Records for Domain Flipping/Sales

12:43 AM

If you are into Domain flipping Industry, then you need to buy whois records or email addresses of potential buyers for Domain flipping or Domain sales. Suppose, you have domain- and you want to sell it for 10-20 times of its base price then you need to find sites related to Mugs Niche, Sites with Niche like Customized Mugs, School Mugs, office Mugs, Meeting Mugs, Gift Mugs etc and found whois details or email addresses of them and then market the domains to them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Where to buy premium expired domains?

7:21 AM
Where to buy premium expired domain names which are resellable for profit is still a mystery. Just like real estate agents buy land or property with the thoughts of selling them at a higher price, similarly investors in domain business register new domain to re-register expired ones to sell them for a profit. This is indeed a very lucrative business and many make thousands of dollars by buying and selling expired domain names.